Take Action

Nov. 11, 2016

I have been dealing with my grief about the election. There seemed to be a stark difference between the two candidates and parties regarding climate change and the environment. But I am hoping that our president elect will rise to the office. The awe of the office of the president may influence him to seek our approval and if enough of us write to him imploring him to address climate change, maybe he will listen. I intend to write him a letter that taps into his desire to improve the economy. Sustainable energy will be the foundation of the economy of the future. China is making great progress and is investing in green energy. Perhaps by stressing the importance of sustainable energy to our economy, he could be convinced to work towards that goal.

I have always wished that we would have a leader who put a goal before our country to achieve sustainable electricity production. Decades ago, President Kennedy set our country to the goal of putting a man on the moon and we stepped up to that goal. During that time, there was no outsourcing of jobs because our innovations were so far ahead of the curve nobody could figure out what we were doing. I hope that we can influence our president elect to set such a goal for our country in the area of green energy innovations. We can lead or we can follow China in sustainable energy.

When President Obama won in 2008, he had to deal with tremendous opposition. It upset me that people would hope for his failure. I will walk my talk right now, work to raise my spirits and stand behind the leader that a majority of Americans have chosen. But I will write letters and inspire everyone I know to write letters to implore our new president to reconsider his stance on climate change and the environment. I will appeal to his desire to make the American economy strong and encourage a focus on the economy of the future for which sustainable energy will be foundational. I will remind him that sustainable energy will make our country energy self-reliant and more secure. If enough of us express our concerns, we can become a powerful influence.

If you are grieving about the outcome of this election, take action. Instead of resisting, take action. Step into hope, be positive and take action. It has been said that the power of the pen is greater than the power of the sword. Take up your pens and write. Write blogs, write letters to editors, write letters to the White House. Taking action will help us to dissipate our hopelessness and grief. Let’s empower a sustainable energy movement and be hopeful for the future.