Sample Letter

Here is my first letter to Mr. Trump. Anyone is welcome to use the whole letter or parts of the letter in an effort to inspire our nation towards a sustainable energy economy. 

Here is the contact information that I have found:

Chairman, President, and CEO. c/o The Trump Organization, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022 USA Phone: 212-832-2000 Fax: 212-935-0141

Dear Sir,

In full honesty, I did not vote for you because of your stance on climate change and other issues. But you do not have to address climate change to work toward a thriving sustainable energy economy. Lower costs and greater efficiency are leading to an economic boom in sustainable energy. By 2030 sustainable energy could account for as much as half of the world’s electricity production. China is prioritizing green energy production which is facilitating economic development in that country. Green energy will be the foundation of the economies of tomorrow.

You have talked about bringing back manufacturing. Why not the manufacture of wind turbines, solar panels and roof tiles? You remember when President Kennedy gave this country the goal of putting a man on the moon within one decade. The citizens of this country stepped up to this goal. Our scientific innovation put this country ahead of every other country in the world. There was no problem about outsourcing of jobs because no other country in the world could figure out what we were doing. The world was in awe of America. Why not inspire the same innovation in green energy production?

I have been waiting for a leader, the caliber of a Kennedy, that will put the goal before this country of sustainable energy production. We should lead the world in this endeavor just as we led the world in scientific advancements through the race to the moon. This would be a momentous act that will be remembered forever.  

Will America lead the world in the new sustainable energy economy or will China? I hope American is not left behind while the rest of the world moves forward. Over time, as Americans save money from lower utility bills, this will boast the economy big league.

Thank you for your time and consideration.