Divine Feminine

Nov. 24, 2019

Long before the main world religions were established, during the earliest periods of human development, many belief-systems venerated a supreme female creator. In ancient origins of human civilization, we find evidence that female deities were worshipped far and wide for millennia. When women rise to prominence, misogyny often ensues, and by 1500 BC, Goddess-worshipping civilizations had mostly fallen from grace. Masculine religions and patrilineal customs brought to Europe by invading Indo-Europeans began to dominate. Creation myths were rewritten, symbols of Goddess worship were denigrated, and the ancient belief in the Goddess as the Ground of Being, The Universe from which The All emerged, was overturned and suppressed. This major about-turn in religion meant the status of women around the world declined too. Worshiping the divine feminine was reframed as cultic, lewd, and primitive.

The political and religious structures that have bound us in so much fear and separation have never served Earth Mother. The Divine Feminine has been lacking while the dominant Angry-God belief systems in control for the past few thousand years keep us in war and struggle. Ecofeminism sees parallels between the exploitation of nature and the exploitation of women, parallels that are understood in the context of patriarchy. Under the hierarchal domination of patriarchy, our world is grappling with the backlash of social issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, class inequalities and religious intolerance. These issues often lead to violence and unbridled materialism which has led to global warming, environmental degradation, natural disasters and severe weather across the globe. Patriarchal world leaders on every continent seem hell-bent on hoarding wealth and power instead of serving their constituents. Our social and political tribalism no longer serves communities. Maybe it is time to find a balance. Maybe it is time to recover the divine feminine which begins with reframing mother earth as sacred, as alive, as the true provider of life that she is. In defying patriarchy we are loyal to future generations and to life and this planet itself.

A goddess radiates Kindness, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. She loves and respects all beings including all humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life. She is kind and non-judgmental. A goddess exudes the energy of passion, authenticity and enthusiasm, which is attractive, inspiring, and contagious. Let’s honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother.

“We are meant to be living in community sharing. We are meant to be celebrating life here on this glorious earth. We are meant to be understanding the consciousness and great intelligence of all that is around us including the trees, flowers, animals, and more.”  Mare Cromwell

  • One way is to honor the Divine Mother in your spiritual practices. If you don’t have a daily spiritual practice, then it would be a good time to start one. We encourage everyone to gather in circles wherever they are if they can, to do ceremony to honor and invoke the Divine Feminine in and send these sacred energies to the heart of Earth Mother. And if they can’t be in the company of others, then to hold space in personal ceremony.
  • Tap into her from whatever tradition feels right to you whether it is Hindu (Durga, Kali, etc.) or Buddhist (Kuan Yin, Tara), or Christian (Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe) or other belief systems (White Buffalo Calf Woman, Greek Goddesses, Norse, Celtic, more). Or a combination of all of the above. Ask for these Divine Feminine energies to come into your life to guide you.
  • As for daily life, seek to be more compassionate and forgiving. There is too little of this in our society and global affairs. Learn to be a better listener to try to understand the differences of others. So much conflict could be defused by listening and understanding.
  • Don’t hesitate to apologize.
  • Honor your intuitive senses and cultivate them even more. Listen to your body. 
  • Seek to find balance.
  • Seek to bring healing energies in, wherever you may be.
  • Heal the environment. Learn to live more in balance honoring wiser, more sustainable lifestyles.

Love is all that is needed to bring down traditions that go against humanity. Remember this and believe in it. This world is going to change and women are going to play and already playing an essential role in this transformation. We really have no choice in this if we want to have a healthy future for us humans. The planet will continue without us. She is far older than we are and will continue. The question is our survival on her.